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Truck Inspections

Truck inspections are important for truck owners if they want to stay on the road. You surely don’t want to be out of business, and, of course, you want your truck to be operable all the time. It is better to trust your vehicle to professionals and turn down any risks.

Regardless of a required inspection, Diesel Power Truck Center provides quality and fast services for any vehicle. We have gathered a skillful and experienced team of ASE certified mechanics who are authorized to perform any inspection. Our resources are enough to serve not only single trucks but the whole fleets. Feel free to schedule your appointment to get a premium service.

DOT Truck Inspections

DOT truck inspection held by the Department of Transportation. Its goal is to ensure that all the CMV parts are in operable condition, safe to use, and working well. This inspection mostly affects external parts without going deep into the engine. However, even here, if you can’t provide full maintenance by yourself, Diesel Power Truck Center offers complete preparation for DOT truck inspection.

Truck State Inspections

Being a trucker implies interstate trips will be present. As you can know, every state in the US has its own rules and regulations. You must meet their needs, and we can prepare your vehicle for it.

Our team of mechanics is experienced and dedicated professionals who are able to prepare vehicles of any make and model. Our responsibility is to make your trips inside the country unimpeded.

Truck Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase inspections are a rare, however important part of a vehicle purchasing process. We can be your trusted partner in this. Diesel Power Truck Center has gathered a big team of professional ASE certified mechanics who can meticulously inspect the vehicle.
Be confident in your purchase as our specialist will ensure that you are buying an operable and fully maintained truck.
Commercial Truck Ins

Commercial Truck Inspection Service

Commercial trucks require a lot of attention. Several inspections are one of them. Passing those inspections means that you will be able to work, and your vehicle is in a perfect operable condition.

Having a trusted facility that can do all the preparations for the inspections is an essential thing. Diesel Power Truck Center as a comprehensive service provider offers you fast, affordable, and high-quality inspection preparations, repairs, and maintenance for any make and model. Schedule your visit to get the services you require.

DOT Trailer Inspection

Trailers also fall under DOT inspection. If your truck and trailer exceed 10,000 lbs, DOT inspection must be performed on both. Also, if the trailer itself weighs less than 15,000 lbs, then you will need brakes system on the single axle of twin-axle trailers. If it exceeds 15,000 lbs, then brakes required on both axels.

Here, at DPTC, you can get all the required services to pass DOT inspection. We will help you to always stay on the run.

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