Truck Transmission Repair Shop & Services Near Asheville, NC

Truck Transmission Repair

A heavy truck can be taken off of the road if it has even a small problem with the transmission. You sure don’t want to waste your time and lose money, especially if you are an owner-operator. Always be on the run, deliver your services in time, and develop the business you run.

For any kind of transmission, we offer maintenance and troubleshooting solutions you won’t find anywhere else. We give you the confidence you need to ride mile after mile in 100% safety.

Truck Transmission Shop

Transmission repair is a complex and sometimes difficult process. The cost of transmission repair depends on several factors that always should be considered by a truck owner.

These factors are:

1. Make. Truck models that are US-based (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, etc.) cheaper to maintain than any imported vehicles
2. Truck condition. If the truck were in bad condition the price would be higher than for well-maintained vehicles
3. The age of the truck. Obviously, older and rarer trucks are harder to repair as it is harder to find parts for them. It also affects the price
4. Automatic vs Manual. Manual transmission is easier and cheaper to repair/replace
5. Shop. Due to a truck brand, location, or reputation, some shops can charge higher prices

You can save money by buying a remanufactured transmission by yourself. In this case, you only pay for the mechanics for the installation.

Truck Transmission Repair Service

Here, in Diesel Power, we have experts why know the transmission inside and out. As the transmission is a complicated mechanism, and it is crucial for your truck, it must be examined by an experienced mechanic.

Why our services are the preferable option for you:

1. We can send a repair truck to your location
2. We do not charge labor rates by the book time, so you spend less money
3. Parts and all work have up to 6 months of warranty.

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