Gates Products are Now at Diesel Power Truck Center

Heavy Equipment Hose Repair

Diesel Power Truck Center’s responsibility is to deliver the products of the highest quality to our customers. We strive to offer a quality product at an affordable price. It allows us to keep your vehicles and equipment in operable condition, with minimal cost.

So now, we are excited to offer a variety of custom hoses for critical equipment systems. We can become your go-to hoses repair shop, where you can get the finest Gates hoses for your rig.

Heavy Equipment Hose Crimping Service

At our facility, we utilize Gates hoses. Gates is a comprehensive hose provider for hydraulic, air, and A/C systems. They are manufactured to withstand even the toughest conditions. We choose them because:

  • Easy to install. Proper installation reduces our clients’ downtime, improves workplace safety, and increases production.
  • Wide component selection. Gates makes hose assemblies for low, medium, and high pressures, as well as fittings, adapters, gauges, hydraulic oil, fast connections, O-rings, and other parts to get your truck on the run again.
  • Performance. Gates hoses are manufactured to perform in harsh conditions, so you can be sure that their engineering solutions will do the job.

When you choose Diesel Power Truck Center, you choose reliability. We are experienced in heavy truck repair and hose assembly service is not an exception.

Candler NC
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